Personal planner


When you have topics assigned to you in more than one workspace, you’ll likely want a way to see and prioritize everything on your plate in one place.

Flat's personal planner is a view that makes it easy to see and organize all of your own work. In your planner, you'll see every topic that you’re the owner of or a collaborator on. More than that, you can prioritize your work by moving topics from the Inbox (where they initially appear when assigned) into one of three simple priority buckets called Now, Next, and Later. Topics disappear from your planner when they’re completed.

Tip: Flat lets everyone see each other’s plans by default, so managers can check in on their team members’ prioritizations without having to bother them.


Viewing your personal planner

To view your personal planner, just click on your name in the People section of the sidebar.

Organizing your personal planner

To organize your personal planner, just drag the topics to move them between the sections.

Moving a topic in your personal planner doesn't change where the topic is in its workflow.

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