Workspace filter


When you're viewing a workspace, you can use the workspace filter to quickly display only a subset of topics that you're interested in. For example, use it to easily view:


Filtering the workspace

To filter the workspace, click on the filter icon in the upper right corner or use the keyboard shortcut F, then start typing in the filter box. The workspace is filtered as you type and instantly displays only matching topics.

A topic can match based on any text that's displayed on the topic's card, including the title, parent topic title, labels, blocker descriptions, and the name of the topic owner.

To apply a more precise filter, pick an option from the dropdown or use the simple syntax like "label:research" or "owner:Sarah".

Excluding topics from a filter

To exclude topics from a filter, prefix one or more filter terms with a minus sign. For example, you could write "Q3 -owner:Sarah" to match all topics with the text "Q3" that aren't owned by Sarah.

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