Personal profile


To set up your personal profile in your Flat organization, click your avatar in the upper right corner and visit Settings, then visit the Personal Settings | Profile section.
Your personal profile consists of just a few items:
  • Display name: Your display name is your handle within your Flat organization. It's how you'll be displayed on topics you own, comments you author, and discussion threads you're assigned. It's also how teammates will @mention you.
  • Full name: You can optionally provide your full name to make it easier for teammates to @mention you.
  • Email address: Your email address is how you sign in to Flat and where you'll receive email notifications.
  • GitHub username: By providing your GitHub username, your pending review requests in GitHub will be listed in Flat in your "My threads" view, and any GitHub activity associated with you that's displayed in Flat will use your Flat display name.


Changing your display name

To change your display name, visit Personal Settings | Profile.
We recommend using your first name as your display name, or whatever name you usually go by when talking with your team. That'll make it easier for your teammates to find and recognize you in Flat.
Your display name must be unique within your organization.
You can change your display name at any time. All of your topics, comments, activity, and @mentions will still be associated with you.

Providing your full name

To provide your full name, visit Personal Settings | Profile.
Providing your full name makes it easier for teammates to @mention you and ensures we address you correctly if we ever need to contact you about your account.
For example, if your name is "John Smith" and your display name is "John", teammates will still be able to @mention you by typing @smith. That can be useful if some teammates tend to call you by your first name while others tend to call you by your last name.

Changing your email address

To change your email address, visit Personal Settings | Profile.

Setting your GitHub username

To set your GitHub username, visit Personal Settings | Profile and follow the OAuth prompts.
A team Admin must also enable Flat's GitHub integration for GitHub activity to appear in Flat.